Monday, May 30, 2011

A Fond Farewell with good food, of course!

My family and I drove up to Portland yesterday to hit up OMSI and tour the USS Blueback.  It was a lovely drive complete with snow flurries on the pass.  OMSI is super impressive and the brain teasers were real stumpers.  Wish we had spent more time in the Turbine Room with all of the engineering, physics and chemistry hands on demos.  The USS Blueback was a wonderful tour!  Thomas, the guide, was entertaining and patient with the kiddos on the tour.  Emil added in interesting tidbits from his Navy days, too.  They filmed a small portion of The Hunt for Red October on this sub.

We had lunch at Pine State Biscuits, our usual spot for breakfast or lunch when we go to Portland.  LOVE the new location with additional seating and an outside area for dining.  Course, we went back today for lunch again before driving back.

My new favorite is the Mcisley since I love mustard!  Also, their homemade pimiento cheese is to die for!

Hash Ups

The Mcisley:  chicken, honey, pickles, coarse grain mustard

Pine State Fried Club

Aaron trying to eat the massive biscuit with egg and chicken

The Chatfield:  Chicken, cheese, and apple butter
Seriously, if you're in Portland, stop in at Pine State Biscuits.  There's usually a line of folks waiting to order, but it's worth the wait.  Great Southern sweet tea, y'all!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

And the adventure continues...

We've had a grand time in the Redmond area.  Not enough time to do all the activities slated on the itinerary I created, but hey...I'm flexible (not really).  We didn't make it to Bend downtown or Old Mill for shopping.  However, we've hiked at Smith Rock in a hailstorm, toured the High Desert Museum, shopped in Sisters, flown kites in a windstorm in the pasture that lifted Emil and Aaron off the ground, went antiquing in downtown Redmond, hit up the new cupcakery, Sam's Sweet Addiction, and upgraded the chicken coop to keep our newest round of chicks safe.  Oh yeah, we fit in a milkshake from Dandy's Drive In, had pizza at Abby's, and seen many mule deer and rockchucks.

Machinist's Chest like my Dad's

Missing the key, but still in decent condition

New Cupcake Cafe in downtown Redmond

Some animal keeps digging to access our chicks!!

A beautiful clock at Beacham's that my Mother loves...
It's been a great visit, and a few more days to go.  I'll be sad to see them's always fun to have company and explore the area.  My Mother enjoyed Smith Rock best (I think), and Aaron loves flying the stunt kites.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oregon Coast

My mother and nephew flew in to Portland on Sunday evening.  She was ready to escape the 90 degree weather in South Carolina, and my nephew was looking for an adventure outside of Cincinnati.  Rainy weather greeted them upon arrival.  Welcome to Portland!  After a good nights sleep, we headed for the Oregon Coast.

First to Cannon Beach for a picnic lunch at Ecola State Park where we walked around and took in the beautiful rocks and ocean.  The clouds blew through, and sunny skies quickly emerged.

Next, we moved on to Haystack Rock, the most photographed rock in the world.  Maybe I am making that up or I heard it from someone.  It is the third highest sea stack in the world, measuring 235 feet high.

From there, we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour, free samples of cheese, and a scoop of ice cream.  Wish my brother, Ted, could have been with us, since he loves cheese and always shares yummy cheese with us when we visit.

After a bit of a drive, we arrived to Newport and the little cottage I rented for two nights.  It sits high up on a ridge facing the ocean.  Gorgeous views!  We also HAD to eat clam chowder at Mo's!

View from our window
We toured the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, explored the amazing tidepools and had a lovely picnic lunch.

Chowder and Homemade Bread

In the afternoon, we all took turns flying our two new stunt kites on the beach.  Even Mother with her torn rotater cuff took a turn with Emil's assistance.  We played Mexican Train Dominoes late into the night.

After the nice days on the Coast, I hope coming to Redmond won't be a letdown!  We did stop for a quick lunch in Albany at First Burger.  Ordered deep fried dill pickles....

Wish Josh and Spencer were with me to try these out!
Now, it's time to explore Redmond, Bend, Sisters, and Sunriver!  Hope the weather cooperates, as they are calling for snow in Bend tonight.  Welcome to Central Oregon!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pole Pedal Paddle

What an awesome event!  I SO want to participate next year.  Perhaps I can be the sprinter.  It truly was fun watching the participants.  See the pictures below:

A great place to watch the kayakers

Surfing the Deschutes River

So cool!

22 miles in 50 minutes

Todd - Team Meetup

Yvonne - Team Meetup

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicks 2.0

This is how Emil refers to our second batch of chicks.  We check on them every couple of hours since we're sensitive to them being snacked on again by a visiting weasel. 

Here's the breakdown of the breeds of chicks:
2 Rhode Island Reds
2 Barred Rock
2 Silver Streaked Wyandotte
2 Black Sex Link - will be females for sure

I think all were born on May 16th, so they are pretty small and have very few feathers so far.  See the picture below, although it doesn't do it justice.

Emil is competing in the PPP tomorrow.  For those of you non-locals, it's the Pole Pedal Paddle.  It's a relay race, with six legs that include alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoe/kayaking and sprinting to the finish! You can do it all yourself or be part of team (or pair).  Emil joined a team and will be doing the biking - 22 miles down from Mt. Bachelor.  I'll be hanging out at the food vendors....I mean, cheering him on.

After he finishes, I'm participating in a Days of Caring project with my co-worker, here in Redmond that didn't get done last weekend.  We are painting FISH Food Pantry.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"That's farm life"

Quote from my Mother when I called to tell her some animal ate our six chicks on Saturday night.  We've been keeping a close watch on the chicks and checking on them several times a day.  Plus, they are just so dang cute.  They run around in a group and investigate everything in their little area of the potting shed.

Early Sunday morning, Emil went out to check on them and came back with sad news.  Five of the chicks were missing, and one chick was squished flat in a corner.  He think a weasel came in and took off with them.  Not a lot of evidence left, so we are scratching our heads and very sad for the chicks. 

We returned to the feed store to look at more chicks and poultry fencing, so we can jimmy something together to keep them safe.  They are out of chicks, but will receive some this week, so we made a reservation for six more chicks. 

I'll keep you posted on the new chicks and better security.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Video from my work event

If you haven't heard from me in awhile or wondered why it takes me so long to respond to a text message, I've been working a lot this past week.  Here's a video from the two day event I coordinated:

Sue Brogan from United Way of Anchorage is in town, so she came out to volunteer for the morning.  Woo Hoo!  We drove around to some project sites and chatted about coordinating such a large event.  It was fun working with everyone, and it is the largest event I've coordinated thus far.  I did plan my wedding, but it was only 25 people with more elegant food involved.

Sue B. and I live united all the time!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy as a Bee

This expression pretty much describes my past week at work.  Now that my huge event is over, it's time to wrap it up, make a plan for the summer, and get ready for the next group of visitors.  Sue B. and her husband, Mick, are here in town at their timeshare.  We will visit with them this week.

My Mother and nephew fly in to Portland on Sunday evening.  Yippee!  My nephew is counting the days and calls frequently.  He's super excited to explore and visit.  We talked through his packing list, which includes his must have blanket and a family size pack of beef jerky.  I observed from his extensive list of items that pants were not included.  Either he thinks it's summer here in Central Oregon, or he's too focused on the jerky, mp3 player and books to pack.  Regardless, I am looking forward to their visit.  Hotels, cabins and a jam-packed itinerary are ready.  This week, I'll clean, make up two beds, shop, bake off and freeze a bunch of food, drag out a cooler, and pack tons of food to take along.

Our chicks are doing well and growing fast!  It's amazing how much they have grown in four days.  I'll try and take pictures to post periodically.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big News!

Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?  We bought six adorable chicks tonight.  Tried to have a hen look after them, but she didn't take too kindly to the six little ones running around.  So, we (Emil mostly) will raise them ourselves.  I'm not sure what this all entails, but we're excited.

Here are some pics:

Barred Plymouth

Hen and six chicks

Food and water!
Today was the warmest day of the year so far!  70 degrees plus with clear blue skies.  Grass is mowed, weeds are at a minimum, and my bike is calling my name!  Hopefully, I'll squeeze in a ride on Sunday after my big work event concludes.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

It's been a lovely weekend!  Friday night, my former co-worker, Pam and her husband, Chuck came over for dinner.  They are checking out Bend and Eugene.  It was so good to catch up and see friendly faces!  Makes me miss United Way of Anchorage and my pals in Alaska.

Saturday, Emil and I did a site visit to the bike race location for the Cascade Chainbreaker.  We walked part of the course and watched folks ride a practice loop.  Emil has been monitoring the weather closely, so he can wear the right gear for the Sunday race.

Sunday, we arrived in plenty of time for Emil's warm up ride.  The weather was sunny and blue.  As he approached the start line, clouds rolled in.  Uh-Oh.  During the race, I cheered him on at several points.  The weather changed to light snow, sunny, snow, hail, sunny, cloudy, cold, and snow.  Welcome to Central Oregon weather!  Here are some pics of my hero, who rode 26.5 miles:

Quite a dusty course

Next up for him, the Pole Pedal Paddle.  Super cool race!  Check it out.  Emil is doing the 22 mile road biking portion of the relay.

Out of town guests update:  Sue B. and her husband arrive on Friday to Eagle Crest for a week!  She is kind enough to volunteer and help me at my work event.  Yahoo!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lake Billy Chinook

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so we did a little exploring in the afternoon at Lake Billy Chinook in Culver.  What a beautiful lake!  Makes me homesick for the Saturdays spent with my brother, Tom, on Lake Keowee.  We would get up early and be on the water by 9 a.m. and wakeboard for a couple of hours.  It took me a long time to learn how to wakeboard, and I drank a lot of lake water, but it was worth it.  Finally, I learned to hold on (even if it feel unnatural to be yanked like that) and lean back.

Here are a couple of pics from the day:

Poor little dead porcupine

I won free tickets to see Hal Sparks.  He was at the Tower Theater last night, and he was hilarious!

It's going to be a super busy week, so I will try to get ahead of yardwork, baking, cooking, and crafting for the week!  Dinner with Pam and Chuck on Friday!  Woo Hoo!