Monday, May 16, 2011

"That's farm life"

Quote from my Mother when I called to tell her some animal ate our six chicks on Saturday night.  We've been keeping a close watch on the chicks and checking on them several times a day.  Plus, they are just so dang cute.  They run around in a group and investigate everything in their little area of the potting shed.

Early Sunday morning, Emil went out to check on them and came back with sad news.  Five of the chicks were missing, and one chick was squished flat in a corner.  He think a weasel came in and took off with them.  Not a lot of evidence left, so we are scratching our heads and very sad for the chicks. 

We returned to the feed store to look at more chicks and poultry fencing, so we can jimmy something together to keep them safe.  They are out of chicks, but will receive some this week, so we made a reservation for six more chicks. 

I'll keep you posted on the new chicks and better security.

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