Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inaugural Music Night

Bring your instruments, music, and tuning juice (booze)!  We had our inaugural music night on Saturday.  It was a hit!  A large crowd, many different instruments, tons of food, and a willingness to sing!  Many thanks to our friends in Providence, Rhode Island, who introduced us to weekly music night and started a wonderful trend.  It's now on the West Coast, so come visit!

Stu, Tom, Joe, and Colby the dog.  Tom is trying out a banjo.

Let's play it this way!

Ukuleles and mandolins!  Go Joe!

Dusty rocking out on his Flea Bass!

One of Joe's favorites:  The House of the Rising Sun

Stu and his Fender Guitar.

Tam, owner of Cross Creek Cafe, Cody, and Jenny

Copies of songs were handed out to each group.  Hi Linda!

Mark strummed along even with an injured hand.

I'm going to master those difficult B chords eventually!
Good times!  People are already asking when the next one is...that's a good sign!  I'll keep you all posted.  Keep strummin'!
Good Eats with Emil and Tom

Tommy Boy is here visiting for a bit, soaking up the sun, and thawing out from the frigid winter in Alaska.  We've been trying out some new restaurants, although I wish we could eat at Brother Jon's every day.

The Incredible Hulk pizza at 10 Barrel Brewing Company

Oregon Farm Burger at Terrebonne Depot.  Hello pork belly!

Piled high with gorgonzola cheese
We plan to hit 900 Wall or Level 2 for Happy Hour this week, along with live music on Wednesday at McMenamin's.  I'll need to do a lot of running to work off all this great food!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farewell Popcorn and Desserts

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, so it's time to say goodbye to something I love until Easter Sunday.  I know I've given up popcorn before, but it's really time to do it again.  I eat a bowl of it every single day.  Popped with olive oil and a healthy toss of kosher salt.  Yum-O!

Although I bake all the time, I don't generally eat my desserts.  They are treats for Emil and friends.  However, in the past month, I HAVE to have dessert at night...a brownie, cupcake, something chocolate.  This is surprising to me because I'm more of a "salty" girl than a "sweets" girl. 

So, I'll take a break from popcorn and desserts.  We'll see if Emil survives my grumpy mood until Easter.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visitors from the North

Hooray for our first guests of the year!  Katie and her friend, Rachel, came down for a fun-filled weekend.  Perfect timing, as Zwickelmania was going house at the local breweries.  Free food at Deschutes Brewery and an upclose and personal look at the brewing process.

Hanging out with the conditioning tanks at Deschutes Brewery

Wort tastes like tea.  Who knew?

Inside the mashtun

Hugging the mashtun

Great Principles to abide by.

Ummm...a turtle getting into a Jeep?  Yep, this is Bend.
And, we had to take them to Brother Jon's for a Captain Jack Sparrow, the only sandwich on the menu, according to Tommy Boy. 

Four Captain Jack Sparrows with different side items.
Did a little shopping in downtown Bend, took pics at Smith Rock, and played Euchre in front of a roaring fire.

Up next:  Tommy Boy arrives on Friday, just in time for Music Night.