Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Celebration

As usual, our Christmas was non-traditional and full of fond memories.  On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a delicious meal with neighbors and then played Christmas music on ukes, guitars, and a mando.  We stayed up super late and went to the 10:30 p.m. church service with our friend, Debi.  So glad we went!  The service was fantastic with a guest sax player, singer, handbell choir, and entertaining message from the pastor.  I had to call my mother the next day and tell her about their communion, which offered gluten-free bread.  My, how times have changed in church.

I switched shifts and worked on Christmas day until 1 p.m., so Emil enjoyed a delicious ramen soup lunch while I slaved away, selling ski lessons.  We opened a few gifts in the afternoon, and then friends came over to play games.

Our real Christmas meal was splurging (since we're uber poor) on breakfast the day after Christmas.

Hot chocolate

Egg sando with lemon aioli

Chicago Hash with basil hollandaise

Sunrise on Christmas Day at the bus parking lot

Emil opening gifts.  Each gift had a clue.
All in all, it was a nice Christmas, even if a little disjointed.  Looking forward to 2014!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Season

'Tis the season to be super busy!

12 days of work at Mt. Bachelor by Christmas
7 uke jams or gigs
6 meetups
5 potlucks
3 holiday parties
2 house-sitting check in's for a friend
1 photo shoot for my author pic
1 late night Christmas Eve service to attend

Whew! That's just a glance of our December schedule. We've turned down several events to give us a little breathing room.

Here are a few pics:

Free concert in Redmond last week
Emil attempts to brush Yam's teeth.  Unsuccessful.

Splurging on dessert after a soak in McMenamin's Turkish Soaking Pool.

Getting up after my second face plant.

First ski of the winter season.  Overdressed and a little timid on hills!
This afternoon, we have a uke gig at the Senior Center, and then another one in Sisters this weekend.  There are more potlucks to attend, and I'm busy replenishing baked goods from the freezer.

In between all that, I finished another round of edits on my book, had my picture taken professionally for the book cover, secured an ISBN and Library of Congress Control Number, and sent Christmas gifts to my family.

Here's the final pic:

Well, time to pack up my uke and hit the road!  Thanks for reading my blog (my mother and Aunt Jayne are probably the only readers).