Saturday, May 02, 2015

Birthday Bash

I'm not big into celebrating my birthday. I hate the spotlight, and I generally stay home on my birthday, avoiding everyone. My preference is to cook a nice meal and stay in. What does Emil do this year? He takes a risk and throws me a surprise party. Side note: I don't like surprises either.

It was a lovely evening, and I enjoyed myself! Our friend, Steve, has an outdoor pizza oven. We've gone to his house in the past for pizza parties, and it's so much fun. So, Emil coordinated the party over at Steve's house. Throw in beer, kombucha, dear friends, and delicious pizza.

Oh! The day before my birthday, Emil and I went to Portland and spent the day. What a wonderful time! We had the best breakfast at Tin Shed.

Here are a few pics from the party and Portland trip:

Fresh eggs from Redmond

Ron and Carrie - the folks we housesat for in Redmond

Dessert pizza! Fresh raspberries and chocolate drizzle.

Dessert pizza! Sliced apples and cinnamon

Surprise! Red velvet cupcakes.

Wanda and I working on our pizzas.
Tin Shed: Sweetened coconut milk and jasmine rice, potato cakes
Tin Shed: Egg scramble, cheese grits, and a biscuit 

Emil and I