Friday, March 21, 2014

Platform bed - NEW!

After many years of having our bed on the floor, we are now grown ups with a hand-crafted platform bed.  Emil worked hard for several days building it, but he spent many weeks sketching and designing it.  He wanted the platform to raise up easily, so we can stow totes and such.  It's a success!

So high up!  And raised three inches higher at the head of the bed.

Yam approves it.


Now, Emil is sorting through totes and deciding what to stash under there.  I'm repacking totes and trying to assist, while still gimpy.  Emil loves the bed.  I'm still getting used to the height.  I wonder what his next project will be!

Friday, March 07, 2014

Excursion to Eugene

For Emil's Christmas gift, I bought him tickets to see Martin Sexton, an amazing musician.  He is on tour and came to Eugene on Wednesday.  I saved my pennies, booked a room at our favorite B&B, and we left early on Wednesday morning after dropping the cat at the kennel.

Check out his music!  My favorite song is "Glory Bound."

Since my leg is still wrapped up and sore, Emil drove us.  An easy drive (especially for me) over a wet mountain pass.  On the way to Eugene, we saw elk right by the road, daffodils, snow on the sides of the pass, and pink blooms on trees.  Spring has arrived to the valley.

Before we checked in to the B&B, we stopped in to the best bakery in the world!  A Sweet Life.  I gave up sweets for Lent, so I tried to avoid the dessert case.

Emil selected a slice of Blackberry Silk Cake.

We dined at Hot Mama's Wings, approximately three blocks from our B&B.  A long walk for me, but I made it.  It lightly rained on the way to and from the restaurant.

Tempeh wings in Asian Honey Mustard sauce

Tempeh Reuben - perfect for us vegetarians
Martin Sexton was ah-mazing!  The venue was intimate, and there were about 150 people in the audience.  Jay Nash opened for him, and I really enjoyed his music.

Martin Sexton

Merch table!

We love The Oval Door B&B.  It's owned by two friends, who are also trained chefs.  Their breakfasts are fabulous!  They served us crispy polenta topped with poached eggs, goat cheese, and corn/pepper relish.

After hitting our favorite stores (Cabela's for Emil), we hit the road. At least three inches of fresh snow on the pass, plus rain all the way from Eugene past the McKenzie River.  Typical!  Glad to return home and pick up Yammers!

Monday, March 03, 2014

February Open Mic

In February, a group of us sang and played at the ukulele open mic.  Emil was kind enough to record and edit it.  I was recovering from a cold, so I didn't sing much.  But, it sure was fun!