Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Christmas in August

Emil just returned from two weeks in Alaska.  He packed up all our stuff and drove it down the highway.  Lost 10 pounds in the process and gained all his beloved tools and such.  It's like Christmas in July!  I open a box (one of many), and I find treasures galore.  We unloaded a 26 foot truck in four hours.  Some went in the house and the rest in a storage unit.  Our house is a wreck, so please no visitors for a few weeks while we sort, clean, and organize.

The back deck area.

Our beautiful dishes back in use!

My wedding bouquet and Emil's boutonniere.  Now in the compost!

The storage unit

Our living room.

For the two weeks, I exercised two hours a day, socialized with lots of new friends, and kept myself booked all the time. 

Yam?  This is what he did during the time period.  He was depressed with Emil gone, so he slept all the time, except at night!