Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inaugural Music Night

Bring your instruments, music, and tuning juice (booze)!  We had our inaugural music night on Saturday.  It was a hit!  A large crowd, many different instruments, tons of food, and a willingness to sing!  Many thanks to our friends in Providence, Rhode Island, who introduced us to weekly music night and started a wonderful trend.  It's now on the West Coast, so come visit!

Stu, Tom, Joe, and Colby the dog.  Tom is trying out a banjo.

Let's play it this way!

Ukuleles and mandolins!  Go Joe!

Dusty rocking out on his Flea Bass!

One of Joe's favorites:  The House of the Rising Sun

Stu and his Fender Guitar.

Tam, owner of Cross Creek Cafe, Cody, and Jenny

Copies of songs were handed out to each group.  Hi Linda!

Mark strummed along even with an injured hand.

I'm going to master those difficult B chords eventually!
Good times!  People are already asking when the next one is...that's a good sign!  I'll keep you all posted.  Keep strummin'!

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