Monday, March 05, 2012

Break Time

Emil's working hard to complete a cookie tin banjo ukulele for me.  Today, I selected cherry veneer for the peghead, so now he's off and running.  He spends most of his days in the shop and comes in for food breaks and to make sure I'm not having too much fun without him.

Today, I had dog walker orientation at the Humane Society.  Sassy and Sebastian were great dogs to walk, and I look forward to volunteering there several times a week.  Since I'm afraid of big dogs, I'll stick to the smaller dogs.

Uke lessons start up again tomorrow, and I'm on deck to take a Quickbooks class at COCC, so I can handle the finances of Road Trip Ukuleles.  *gasp*  It will be quite a learning experience, I'm sure.

We took a mini break this afternoon and took advantage of the strong winds to fly kites in the pasture.  Upon climbing down, we saw deer hair in several places in the pasture and a ribcage.  Yikes!

Everything else on the farm is rolling along fine.  Still catching mice in Little Red's pen.  The chickens are digging holes everywhere....they really need a new pastime.  Perhaps knitting or bocce ball?

The next round of visitors arrive around the 18th or 19th, and we look forward to their visit!!!

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