Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicks 2.0

This is how Emil refers to our second batch of chicks.  We check on them every couple of hours since we're sensitive to them being snacked on again by a visiting weasel. 

Here's the breakdown of the breeds of chicks:
2 Rhode Island Reds
2 Barred Rock
2 Silver Streaked Wyandotte
2 Black Sex Link - will be females for sure

I think all were born on May 16th, so they are pretty small and have very few feathers so far.  See the picture below, although it doesn't do it justice.

Emil is competing in the PPP tomorrow.  For those of you non-locals, it's the Pole Pedal Paddle.  It's a relay race, with six legs that include alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoe/kayaking and sprinting to the finish! You can do it all yourself or be part of team (or pair).  Emil joined a team and will be doing the biking - 22 miles down from Mt. Bachelor.  I'll be hanging out at the food vendors....I mean, cheering him on.

After he finishes, I'm participating in a Days of Caring project with my co-worker, here in Redmond that didn't get done last weekend.  We are painting FISH Food Pantry.

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