Saturday, May 28, 2011

And the adventure continues...

We've had a grand time in the Redmond area.  Not enough time to do all the activities slated on the itinerary I created, but hey...I'm flexible (not really).  We didn't make it to Bend downtown or Old Mill for shopping.  However, we've hiked at Smith Rock in a hailstorm, toured the High Desert Museum, shopped in Sisters, flown kites in a windstorm in the pasture that lifted Emil and Aaron off the ground, went antiquing in downtown Redmond, hit up the new cupcakery, Sam's Sweet Addiction, and upgraded the chicken coop to keep our newest round of chicks safe.  Oh yeah, we fit in a milkshake from Dandy's Drive In, had pizza at Abby's, and seen many mule deer and rockchucks.

Machinist's Chest like my Dad's

Missing the key, but still in decent condition

New Cupcake Cafe in downtown Redmond

Some animal keeps digging to access our chicks!!

A beautiful clock at Beacham's that my Mother loves...
It's been a great visit, and a few more days to go.  I'll be sad to see them's always fun to have company and explore the area.  My Mother enjoyed Smith Rock best (I think), and Aaron loves flying the stunt kites.

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