Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Parents Visit to Bend

My parents, uncle, and his girlfriend came to visit right after my brother and his wife. What fun! I said the visit went well once I realized I can't boss my parents around. I think I figured that out about day two of their vacation. Mother, Dad, and Uncle Ron were here last year, so they checked out a few new places here. But, they really enjoyed their time house-sitting in a gorgeous house in Sunrise Village. It was hard to get them to leave the backporch overlooking the Deschutes River.

What impressed me the most was my mother. She's not much of a dog person, but she really liked the dogs they were taking care of. She even bought them homemade doggie treats from the Northwest Crossing Farmer's Market! Ah-mazing!

Bonta Gelato

Lava Butte fire lookout

Lave caves. A balmy 42 degrees!

Obsidian Flow

Mother and Blitzen

Enjoying the ukulele jam
It was a lovely visit, and I'm thankful they traveled all the way to Oregon to see us! Good times had by all, and I miss them very much!

Looking at my iPhone photos, I'm almost caught up! Sure, I've left a few things out, but I highlighted the summer fun. Thanks for sticking around!

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