Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trivia and Fall River

For months, Emil and a few friends have attended trivia at The Lot on Tuesday evenings. I've skipped out of trivia due to ukulele jam, but I've joined them the last few times. They were consistently third place, then second, and finally last week, they won first place. Now, first place has a few perks. You get to hold a super cool trophy for five minutes, and you have a reserved table the following week.

Francis and Maisy

The dream team. All Alaskans!
Tom and I have been hanging out the last few weeks now that he's around more. Our plan is to do one item a week new to each of us. It can be a new restaurant, new tourist attraction, anything. Two weeks ago, we tried out the Indian restaurant. Meh. It was okay, but nothing to write much about.

Last week, we went to Fall River. It's a few miles past Sunriver and an absolutely gorgeous clear river. Emil would never fish this river. If you can see the fish, then the fish can see you.

We did see a fly fisher, and he was having great luck. I filmed his graceful casting. Sorry I can't share it with you here.

We're both super busy the next few weeks, so we'll have to play catch up. I'm rooting for something else outside, so we can take advantage the nice weather.

Well, I better return to writing. I'm about 27,000 words into the sequel. My goal is to publish by Christmas.

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