Saturday, September 07, 2013

Song Camp 2013

Ahhhh ... Song Camp at Caldera.  My favorite catering gig of the entire year.  This time, I had one day of jury duty, so I helped unload and prep on Monday, then returned home for the night.  Jury duty ended on Tuesday morning, so we packed our tent, warm clothes for chilly nights, comfy shoes and hightailed it out there.

Cooking for 152 people this time around was a blast.  I enjoy seeing the entire meal come together, rushing at the last minute, and hearing Todd the Coffee Guy sing his song before each meal.  Song Camp had all new musician mentors this year, so I enjoyed meeting everyone, especially seeing a guy from Greenville, SC.  I didn't have time to chat him up during Song Camp, so I hope to see him at the Sisters Folk Festival.

We loaded up all the cooking stuff, leftover food, and unpacked it at Chef Annie's home yesterday afternoon.  Picked up lunch, rested our aching feet, and then checked out the festival last night.  We saw the Shook Twins, Steve Poltz, and the Richard Julian Band.

Lots of laughing at Steve's gig.  He's super fun.  Glad we stayed out late to see him even though we wanted to sleep and hang out with Yam, who was boarded for the week.

A few pics from the week:

The Shook Twins, Katie (from the kitchen crew) at Open Mic.

Monko, Anna, and Randy.  The two guys are part of the amazing kitchen crew.  They volunteer for reduced tuition.

Shook Twins performing last night under the big tent.

Natasha and Mark - the soup servers during lunch on day two.
As usual, everyone loved the food.  Randy came up with a new slogan for Song Camp t-shirts.

"Song Camp - It's not just about the food."

We all laughed.  Two years ago, the t-shirts said, "The music is great at food camp."

Folks rave about the food every year.  We cater to special diets, serve plenty of healthy food, provide late night snacks, and greet everyone with a smile.  Chef Annie says food is a big part of the camp since it nurtures the soul.  I believe it.  With 10 folks in the kitchen, working a few hours each day, teamwork prevails, and Chef Annie teaches us awesome kitchen skills.

Now, it's time to return to real life and household chores.  I'll miss mixing up cake for 152 people.

Oh yeah - OPB did a special segment on Song Camp.  Listen up:

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