Friday, September 13, 2013

Going Back to Cali ... Cali ... Cali

Just returned from an adventure to Woodland Hills, California, visiting Emil's grandmother.  We did lots of chores, sightseeing, and more.  The highlight:  Broasted Chicken from My Brother's BBQ joint.  Salty, crunchy, and plentiful.

We did take a side trip to Malibu and Santa Monica.  Lots of bikinis, rollerblading gals, fishermen, and sand.

Bloody Mary for Emil before boarding.

Tesla vs. Dune Buggy.  Only in California.

Mavorette at the Ronald Reagan Library

Looking out from the Ronald Reagan Library entrance.

Ronald Reagan

Special Lincoln exhibit.  One of three of his hats.

Air Force One used during Reagan's Administration

Took this pic for my nephew, Sam.  He loves ice cream sandwiches.  We could make one with these two places.

View from Mavorette's home.

We drove the famous Mulholland Drive.


Emil and Sara in Malibu

Famous landmark

This pic is for Tommy - short shorts and rollerblades.

Santa Monica beach

Santa Monica Pier and my thumb on the top of the pic.

Everybody's Gone Surfin...

Oodles of brown pelicans

Emil checking out the water temp.

What a sweet guy!

Slippery Shrimp.  Our last dinner there.

Traffic!  20 mile jam. 
It was an interesting trip.  So many smokers, rude people, horns honking, and traffic.  No one lets pedestrians cross!  Such a departure from our little town.  I'm very glad to return home.  Yam is also a happy camper, since we sprung him from the joint (kennel).

On deck:  Back to running a 5k every other day, climbing Pilot Butte daily, yoga, meetup events, uke jam, and more.  Oh ... and someone has a birthday coming up!

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