Friday, September 06, 2013

United Way Visitors

I worked with some amazing folks at United Way when I lived in Anchorage.  Suzette, a Loaned Account Manager from there, and her husband stopped in for a brief (way too short) visit last week.  They've traveled across the U.S. and back this summer.  12 weeks on the road and counting.  Their truck camper is adorable with plenty of storage and a comfy bed.  All they needed was electricity and a shower.  We enjoyed hearing about their adventures, visits with friends, and favorite places.  Gary loves history and genealogy, plus he's an avid downhill skier.  We walked the Butte several times during the visit.

The weather was great, and they are super easy guests to entertain.  Since I was on jury duty late in the evenings, we dined out and made the most of our time together.

Benham Falls

Dillon Falls

Gary floating the Deschutes River.  Nice flip flop paddles!

The gorgeous Deschutes River.

My friend, Linda, and Max were on the river, too!

Suzette and I
Tigger, the cat.  He belongs to a neighbor, but visits often now.
Jury duty lasted a little longer than anticipated, which threw me for a curve since I was catering this week.  Luckily, Chef Annie is flexible and easygoing.

Next up:  Pics and narrative about Song Camp.  The best catering event of the year!

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