Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Visit

My parents and uncle are in town!  Hooray!  I created a spreadsheet with a huge list of activities, restaurants, and menus.  I also promised not to over-schedule stuff and to wing it!  So far, it's going well.  Their jet lag is gone, and they are not melting in the warm weather. 

Multnomah Falls

Mother, Me, Uncle Ron, and Dad

New recipe:  Roasted beet salad

This is the way our picnics roll:  pickled green beans (thank you, Annie), panzanella, and roasted beet salad!

Rainbow trout at Bonneville Dam and Hatchery

Herman the Sturgeon.  70 years old and super active.

He's pretty amazing to watch.  Quite graceful.

Uncle Ron drinking out of Jack Creek and then doing some push-ups.

Crook County Fairgrounds - Horse Racing!

Faster Faster!

I bet a trifecta and won $97.10.

Huckleberry Cobbler
Activities so far:  Hike and picnic at Jack Creek, horse racing in Prineville (I won three races.  Everyone else won, too!), Multnomah Falls, Bonneville Dam and Hatchery, lunch and shopping in Hood River, Motor Maids Parade, quick stop at Drake Park, and fruit stand stops in Hood River and Sisters (marionberries!).  Next up:  hanging out in Bend and showing them why we love it here.


  1. I love that you made a spreadsheet. For some reason these pics didn't show up in your RSS feed, though...

  2. Oh, never mind--they were just slow, but they showed up while I was typing here.

    So I wasted my time and yours, both. Awesome.