Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Visit Continues

We're still having fun!  Our days are filled to the brim, but the nights are relaxed, watching the sunset.

Friday, we spent the day at the Old Mill area.  I love seeing everyone float down the Deschutes River via stand up paddleboard, floatie, air mattress, and more.  We had a lovely lunch at Jackson's Corner, drove around Northwest Crossing (hi to all my friends who live there), and cooked dinner together at my house.

Saturday, Mother and Dad drove a 100 mile loop, while Uncle Ron and I had grand adventures.  The pictures really tell the story.

Trying out one of the bikes.

The winner!  Little Deuce Coupe

Captain Jack Sparrow.  Looks different, but still tastes darn good.

The BEST shaved ice on the planet.  Seriously.

Uncle Ron and I shared one, twice in two days.

Hanging with pals at Elk Lake.  Hi Nora!

Playing Euchre at Elk Lake.

A quick trip down to the lake before heading to the next place.

Dillon Falls.  A must see.
Yesterday, was a super warm day!  Brunch at McKay Cottage, a quick stop at the summer festival downtown, and a shaved ice. 

As I was checking my spreadsheet, I saw there are many more must-do activities.  Just a few more days to cram them in.  Equestrian event, float the Deschutes River, Euchre with friends, ukulele jam, Smith Rock, and hiking the Deschutes River Trail. 

After the family departs, LoMo flies in for the ukulele festival.  Wahooey!  We'll also partake of a few more breweries we didn't visit on her last trip.

Time to start the day!

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