Thursday, July 04, 2013

4th of July Pet Parade

Yay!  Our first 4th of July in Bend!  Just returned from the pet parade.  Pretty awesome.  You'll agree after you see the pics.  But first, a little history:
  • The first mention of the Pet Parade was in the Bend Bulletin dated June 30, 1932. 100 children competed for a first prize of $4, second prize of $2 and nine $1 prizes.
  • Doris Grubb won first place in the first Pet Parade with her cat riding in a baby stroller. In 2005, Doris, at age 77, returned to the Pet Parade again for Bend’s 100th year anniversary.
  • There were 5,000 spectators at the first recorded Pet Parade and all through the 1930's there was no less than 5,000 spectators at each parade.
  • A badger won 6th place in the 1932 Pet Parade
  • Parade sections had to be well planned to avert scuffles between the animals.
  • In 1943, there was no formal celebration as it was World War II.
  • Today’s Pet Parade features an estimated  8,000+ participants and spectators.
  • It's the largest parade in Bend.
  • Variety of animals are in the parade each year, from dogs, horses, llamas, gold fish, chickens and rats, to lizards, goats, bulls, cows, sheep and guinea pigs . . . to name just a few!
  • The parade is a great regional draw for the community. It's goofy, off the wall and is a much-loved tradition of Bend!

    Too bad cats aren't allowed in the parade.  We could've dressed Yam in red, white, and blue!


Cool bike, man.

I love pugs!


Guinea Pig

I think it's a parakeet.

Another chicken.

Moo cow

A flying dog

Another cow

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