Sunday, March 17, 2013

Perfect Pizza

Our neighbors down the block have an ah-mazing pizza oven using three different kinds of heat: convection, conduction, and radiation.  This means a pizza will cook in two minutes at 1000 degrees!  Add a smorgasbord of toppings, homemade dough, mini-lesson in pie-making, and a gorgeous evening! 

Everyone brought a topping to share.

The chicken was cooking in the pizza oven when we arrived.

Steve and Linda.  He gave good instruction in cooking your pie.

Two minutes???  WOW!

Butch and the flying pie.

Get ready to slice and share!

My pie:  red sauce, artichoke hearts, shrooms, and bit of cheese.

Kevin was the master pie-maker!
What a fantastic time!  We hung out around the fire pit, looked at stars, and then walked home as light snow flurries came down.  No accumulation though.  Sunny weather this morning.

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