Friday, March 08, 2013


Sometimes, I have to cheat on my dairy-free diet.  It's really hard.  I dream about butter.  Seriously.

I've made two vegetarian recipes this week that bombed.  Substituting tofu for pork doesn't always turn out well.  Emil's comment was "I always wondered what eating a kitchen sponge would be like.  Now I know."  Yep, it was truly awful.  He's a champ though and ate dinner AND the leftovers.

The second recipe was a thai burger made with ground up chickpeas (which I dislike, but willing to try), oats, cilantro, ginger, and garlic.  Blech.  Not even a good Crustini bun and sliced pineapple could save it.  Pass the tater tots for a second helping. 

After those meals, I made a delicious posole tonight with pork.  And, homemade cornbread slathered with lots of butter.  Glorious butter! 

So, a little cheating every now and then is okay.  Especially with this week's cooking.  Next week's menu is filled with new recipes, so fingers crossed!

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