Friday, February 08, 2013

Yam fka Skittles

I've been talking about getting a cat ever since we left our house-sitting gig in Redmond.  It was so much fun to have cats to talk to, spoil them, and cuddle with.  I even contemplated stealing a cat in a Redmond neighborhood who had been left behind by his owners.

Yesterday, I saw a FB post from Brightside Animal Center (fka Redmond Humane Society) about a cat named Butterbean.  So cute!  I thought it was a sign since Butterbean is an inside joke between Emil and I.  With a promise NOT to adopt a cat today, Emil agreed to go look at Butterbean.  Bwah ha ha ha ha.  That's my sneaky laugh.

We spent lots of time looking at cats and narrowed it down to five cats.  I could instantly become The Cat Lady and adopt all five!  Each cat had a distinct personality, and I loved them all.  Butterbean was shell-shocked and shy at being there after 10 years with the same owner.  Crete was young and friendly.  Skittles was perfect.  Sassy was playful and shy.  Yoshi was laid back.

Finally we decided on Skittles!

Sitting on his perch

Very distinct stripes

 While the animal clinic did our paperwork, we ran out to buy some supplies.  Emil insisted on buying cat toothbrushes. 

Good luck using them!

The mouse is too big.
We still need a few scratching posts and a bigger bed.  A 14.5 pound cat takes up quite a bit of room as it turns out.  Now for the adjustment period....Emil's the disciplinarian.  I'm the softie.  I'm also the one who's an obsessive cleaner and doesn't like hair everywhere.

As we watched tv last night, we threw around some names and settled on Yam.  He's the color of a sweet potato and kinda hefty.  What a sweetie!

On a side note, if you're thinking of getting an animal, please consider adopting from a Humane Society.  There were cats who have been there for two or more years.  Just makes you want to take them all home!

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