Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Providence Crew

Our friends, Sylven and Karen, came to visit from Providence, and we had a grand ol' time.  Exercise, beer, ukes, soaking pool, food, and the ocean.  What else do you need?

Emil picked them up from the airport and headed straight for a super cool tour at mya-moe ukuleles in White Salmon, WA.  They hung out with Aaron and Nicole Keim, Gordon and Char Mayer, and a host of beautiful ukes.

Shop for a new uke!

Load up your iPod or learn clawhammer!

On Friday, we hiked up Pilot Butte and played ukes.  It was fun to learn new songs.  We also made a quick stop at Deschutes Brewery for the short tour, a beer at Crux Fermentation, and celebrated Karen's birthday!

Sylven and Emil

Me, Annie, and Sylven playing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Happy Birthday!!

Charcuterie Board

Love the vibe of Crux

Four free samples at Deschutes Brewery


After lunch at Jackson's Corner, and a hike on the Deschutes River Trail, we went to the soaking pool at McMenamin's.  SO relaxing and warm.  Time for more ukes and food!

Time for a BLB

Deschutes River
On Sunday, we drove to Pacific City and up the Coast, took a long walk on the beach, and stopped in at New Seasons Market.

Karen took lots of great photos throughout the trip.  Check out her website.  Maybe on her next visit, she can take pics of Emil's workshop for his website.  Something to lure them back, so we can hike, drink more beer, and sightsee!!


Breakfast at Pine State Biscuits the next morning and back home!  Time to research more on self-publishing and screen-printing!

Very cool art at Pine State.  For sale!  Hmmmmm....

The Chatfield

Pine State Club

Kung Pao Tofu.  I WILL make this at home!

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