Monday, January 28, 2013

Yes, Chef!

You know a book is good when you dream about it.  I finally finished "The Making of a Chef:  Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute."  It was so good!  I want to go and teach the courses on Front of the House.  Since I've worked in restaurants since I was 15, I'm armed with lots of information and funny stories.

However, I did have a few bad dreams of me working the saute station, in the weeds, and being yelled at by a chef sporting a toque.  Not good.  I'm desperate for a nap.

Emil's in line next to read the book.  Of course, I read half of the book out loud to him, but still...

Speaking of cooking...I made a new WW recipe tonight for oven-baked onion rings.  Emil said the coating was somewhere in between sandpaper and broken glass.  Guess I should've used the breadcrumbs instead of subbing panko.  I really enjoyed them!  They were the perfect vehicle for ketchup, one of my major food groups.

Well, I'm ready to turn in and read my new book, "Sweet Tooth" by Ian McEwan.  It was our book club selection, and I'm a wee bit late in reading it.

Wahooey!  Emil just handed me the uke music to "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.  I'll spend tomorrow learning it as we have a gig on Thursday in Sisters, and it's on the playlist.

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