Monday, February 18, 2013

The Cat Lady

Ugh, I've become the cat lady.  I take pics of Yam sleeping and looking so dang cute.  He picked a favorite person...Emil.  Are you surprised? 

He has many blankets to lay on.  Spoiled!

Sleeping on our bed.  Hmmm......

Time for a nail trim.
Yam is such a good cat!  No biting, scratching, or mischievous behavior.  He does tend to play around at night and yeow, but I sleep right through it.  Too bad Emil doesn't.

I've been trying lots of new recipes these days in my dairy-free diet.  Since I received several new cookbooks for Christmas, it's been fun cooking.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of the sweet and tangy brisket.  It was pretty good.  I also made a raw kale, brussel sprout salad with cucumber, golden beets, and mustard vinaigrette.  And, I hate salad!! 

This is one my new favs:

Seems like I'm eating lots of beets these days.  The greens were so good, and I expected them to be bitter.  Not at all!  I tossed in some sauteed shrooms and sweet onions plus a healthy dash of red wine vinegar.

Many thanks to my lovely neighbor, landlord, boss, friend....Annie.  She's a good influence in the food department, and I've become a little bit more adventurous.  I would say less picky too, but that's just silly!

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