Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Central Oregon

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous!  We walked the 3.5 mile loop at the Old Mill and enjoyed the sunshine.  I've been doing okay in my hour of exercise every day during Lent.  Although, I walked in spitting snow conditions on Saturday and survived rain on Friday.  Only 34 more days to go.  No loss of weight, so I better kick it up. 

I asked Emil if I can bank extra time...especially when I walk the Butte two times in a row.  He said no.  Boo.  Seems like I should get a pass for the next day if I haul my butt up the Butte four times in two days, don't you think? 

Here's a pic from yesterday:

Old Mill District
Dairy-free is hard, but I'm adjusting.  Emil misses cheese.  Some interesting menu planning may be coming up...he wants to go vegetarian, but eat cheese.  Where does this leave me?  Lots of meals where cheese is optional/on the side.

Busy week ahead of us!

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