Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to my dear husband!  We celebrated all day yesterday.  I had the BEST present for him, and I managed to keep it a secret for two weeks.  Can you believe it?  I was so darn excited to give it to him.

I bought him an x-rated card!
Rearrange the clues to make a sentence.

OMG!!  A tour at his favorite luthier....mya-moe.
Many thanks to Char and Gordon at mya-moe for setting up a time for us to come visit their shop.  Emil will have many questions for them.

Emil did a bike ride while I made chocolate pudding for him and prepped for several upcoming visitors....lots of baked goods are now in the freezer.

Then, off to dinner at Jackalope Grill.

Grilled shrimp, chickpea fries, romesco sauce.

Sirloin steak, gorgonzola butter, fries.

Chocolate pots de creme.  It rivals the one at Haute Quarter Grill.

Schnitzel with cabbage, green beans, and a potato pancake with applesauce.

We actually made a real dinner reservation...the first one in many years.

Dining al fresco
October is going to be super busy month filled with out of town visitors, catering gigs, uke jams, and taking advantage of the beautiful weather before fall arrives.  Save sleep for when the snow flies.

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  1. That's a great pic of you guys!! Sara you look great! Miss you!