Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Fun

Yesterday, we volunteered at the Leadman Tri, held right here in Bend.  After a somewhat disorganized beginning, we arrived at our assigned bike aid station at 2 p.m. up near Crane Prairie Reservoir.  What fun!  The bikers rode down a hill to us, ready for water, Heed, oranges, bananas, Snicker bars, electrolyte tablets, and their personal bags.  They would call out their number to us, we would find their bag, hold their bike, and give them anything they needed.

Most often, they would ask for sunscreen, lip balm, something salty, or dig into their bags.  This was the most interesting part...seeing their loot.  McDonald's cheeseburgers, flat sodas, tupperware full of mashed potatoes, and more.

All of the bikers were so mellow and pleasant, considering they'd just biked 80+ miles.  We chatted about where they live, etc.  After a break, they rode off saying thanks for volunteering and donating our weekend time.  So nice!

What number are you? 

Can I hold your $5,000 bike?  I promise not to drop it.

Lots of bags lined up!
 It was one of the most fun volunteer experiences I've had.  Wish we had done the early shift to see some of the pros come through.  We received a super nice t-shirt and lunch for volunteering.

Today, there was parade downtown honoring Decathlon Olympian, Ashton Eaton.  He won the gold medal!  And, he's from Bend/La Pine.  I walked downtown to watch the parade and was amazed at the turnout.  Hundreds of folks cheering him and other Olympians. 

Ashton's grandparents

His other set of grandparents

Nancy is in our uke group!  An Olympian!

Cheerleaders from the high school Ashton attended.

Band from the high school Ashton attended.

Ashton and his Mother
Gearing up for a busy week!  Squeezing in some football today, although I'm still getting over last night's Clemson/FSU game.  Just plain painful.

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