Monday, July 09, 2012

Settling In

Before we left Redmond, a free concert in the park was on deck with good friends, Teri and Troy.  Our wonderful neighbors were there too with a huge group of friends.  What a big party!  The band, Larry and His Flask, was a fusion of ska and punk...think Squirrel Nut Zippers with a little more intensity.  The mosh pit consisted of several hundred people of all different ages.  Love it!

The mosh pit starts to assemble.

Really settling in...It's our second night in the new home, and we're starting to settle in bit by bit.  The weather has been really warm (90's), and it's a great motivator to get an early start.
Teri and Troy helped us with the last load of goods from Redmond.  We splurged and had dinner at Pilot Butte Drive In.  I think it will be a once a year gut bomb (borrowing Erica's expression "gut bomb").

Super Dog with neon green relish.  Interesting.

Best Cheeseburger I've ever had (sorry White Spot in Anchorage).
It's been a thrifty spending spree over the last week.  Since most of our stuff is in storage in Alaska, we've had to buy EVERYTHING!  Trash cans, rugs, hand towels, measuring spoons, coffee cups, blankets, and more...most from thrift stores.  We need furniture, but most pieces will have to wait a bit.  We did stumble upon some really nice white oak chairs today.  I hope my friend, Becky, will reupholster them.

Very lightweight, two different styles. 
I've explored a few different trails for running.  Tomorrow morning, I'm contemplating a bike ride, but I'm a little hesitant with the roads and traffic here.  Just used to wide open country roads with very little traffic!

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