Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Adventures

WOW!  I tried out my new slick tires....a birthday gift from Emil.  They've turned me into a biker.  They made the ride so nice this morning!  We did a morning loop, 9.5 miles in 45 minutes.  I told Emil they were "magic tires" that made me go faster than usual.

Instead of working all day in the yard in 90 degree weather, I compromised.  Two buckets of weeding, chased the chickens in the yard, calls for Mother's Day, and then we took off to the Metolius River.  Checked out the headwaters of the Metolius, and it's quite small.  How it makes such a rushing river, I don't know!

The water just shoots out of a small bank.

Here the Metolius River looks so calm and small.
Since the walk to the headwaters was so short, we drove over to Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery.  What a super cool place!  We checked out the fish...ranging from very small to 17 inches.  In the pond, I spotted a bright yellow snake.  There were also some Canada Geese and goslings.


We stopped for bread at Sisters Bakery...big surprise, huh?  I really should get a frequent card or something since I'm there all the time.  And finally, a stop at Dutch Brothers (thanks Gwenn!) for a iced beverage.

Time to mow the yard!

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