Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Houdini the Packrat

Success with the live trap in the garage!  Houdini, the packrat, enjoyed a snack consisting of peanut butter and homemade strawberry bread as the door slammed shut last night.  Yep, homemade strawberry bread.  Hard to resist.  This little rodent is responsible for eating the top of my barn boot and other stuff in the garage.  Bad packrat!  After a call to Animal Control and a visit to the Humane Society, we went to a little deserted area and let Houdini go.  What did Houdini do?  Promptly ran under our van and crawled up in the wheel well.  I kid you not.  He just really wanted to go home with us.  We're hoping he crawled out and ran away when we weren't looking or poking around with a stick.  Emil looked in the engine and under the car with a flashlight.  No sign of Houdini.  Time to set up the trap again for his friends.

My poor boot

Close up of Houdini

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