Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Luthier

I'm so proud of my husband!  He's following his heart and leaping into the ukulele-making business.  A luthier is now among us!  Kudos to Sylven and Melanie for introducing us to music night and the happy ukulele.  One shopping trip later, and we were soon roadtripping with two ukuleles and a book of music.

Now, Emil is setting up his workshop, hunting down hardware, sheet goods, lusting over wood, and dreaming of ukuleles.  He'll also make stands and other accessories.  For my part of this adventure, I'm going to learn web design, so I can help on the marketing side of his business.  We'll unveil the business name soon.

Thanks for your kind support, and I'll keep you posted on this exciting journey into music, instruments, and more.

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