Monday, October 17, 2011

Time to head home

It's been a good, but emotional trip back for my Grandma's Memorial Service.  Several of my cousins got up and spoke about Grandma, and my Mother told a touching story about Grandma helping her out without being asked.  She said she was the best mother-in-law she could ever ask for.

After the service, I met some of her friends and visited with both sides of my family who came to support my parents.  I also met some of my parents' classmates from high school.  I've seen their names on Christmas cards for years, and they've seen pictures of my brothers and I.

Yesterday, Ted and family and I played a heated volleyball game.  I may need to stay another week to practice for a rematch.  I managed to squeeze in a run on Friday afternoon with my nephew rollerblading next to me.  This afternoon, my other nephew wants to run with me.  He'll find out how slow I run....

Time to meet my brother for lunch at Skyline Chili.  No trip to Cincinnati is complete without a 5 way with hot sauce and a coney!

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