Saturday, October 08, 2011

Remembering Grandma

My Grandma passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, September 24th.  She had just celebrated her 95th birthday on September 12th.  She still drove, had lunch with friends, played bingo at McDonald's, attended Sunday School, and wrote me letters every month.  We were really good pen pals.

My sister in law and Dad saved several items for me as they cleaned out her apartment.  Her recipe boxes, a quilt, a picture of me and Grandpa from her nightstand, and the Easter card I sent her.  I'll pick up these items when I attend her memorial service on Saturday.

This past summer, we used my brother's house as home base for several weeks while we did some side trips.  We were fortunate enough to have several meals with Grandma and Uncle Ron over this time.  Before I left, I invited Grandma out to Aglamesis Brothers for ice cream.  She told me to come to her apartment as she had ice cream there.  We dined on a brand new half gallon of Graeters Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream and talked for several hours.

Here's what makes me feel better.  I imagine Grandma in heaven talking with Grandpa.  She's telling him all about Emil and how I chose a good husband (finally).  She's telling him about the great they look, how well they play soccer or paint.  She's telling him about each grandchild and their lives.

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