Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chicken Run

Scene:  The chicken coop has a large juniper tree growing in the middle of it, and chicken wire is wrapped around the whole coop to keep uninvited guests from entering.  If a chicken roosts on top of the coop at night, then the chicken generally is consumed as a tasty snack by an uninvited guest. Thus, Emil ensures all chickens are tucked inside the coop at night.

Enter:  Emil and Sara wearing headlamps

Tonight, two chickens decided to roost on top of the coop.  Emil snuck up a ladder with a butterfly net. Slowly, he moved the net closer to the jittery chicken until with one quick movement, he scooped up the chicken.  Funny how the net is the perfect size for chicken hunting.  One chicken down, one to go. 

The second chicken was further away from the edge of the coop, so we used thin rods to encourage her to move to the side within butterfly net range.  She was quite cranky and didn't want to move.  We finally moved her to the top of the garden shed/greenhouse, next to the coop.  Emil quickly relocated the ladder and used the butterfly net once again.

Ending:  All of the chickens are tucked in for the night.  They are accounted for, and I gave them a stern lecture.  We'll see how tomorrow night goes. 

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