Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bunger visits!

Tommy Boy came to visit us!  It gives me the in-person opportunity to convince him to move here.  Throw in a fancy Fresh Hops Pairing at Deschutes Brewery (his favorite brewery), hiking, and visits to the other breweries, and I'm hoping he's in!

Tom arrived with a lovely box of goodies from Sugarspoon, my favorite bakery and chef.  Thanks, Sara Spud!

A little fuzzy, but you can see the main players

Autographed by the great Chef Sara
We hiked to Monkeyface at Smith Rock, and the weather was sunny, blue and 75 degrees.  300 days of sun here in Bend.  How many in Alaska, Tom? 

After our hike, we headed out for a beer at 10 Barrel Brewing Company.  With the weather so nice, we wanted to soak it all up.

India Session Ale... A brand new style from the twisted minds of 10 Barrel's brew crew.  Deep gold with orange highlights.  Big Citrusy aroma full of grapefruit and tangerine thanks to the massive dry hop!  Clean, crisp malitness with a hint of sweetness.  Pleasant, balanced bitterness as a result of the loaded late-kettle hop addition. 
Malts: 2-row Pale, Honey malt, Wheat
Hops: Summit, Cascade, Centennial
ABV: 5.5
IBU’s:  51

Off to Deschutes Brewery for their Fresh Hops Beer Pairing Tapas.  100 people or so gathered for the party.  Delicious food....pumpkin soup, pizza with butternut squash and pork belly, and beer.  Lots of Fresh Hops Beer.  I was DD, but I did have a sip of the porter.  A quick stop at Jackson's Corner since I knew Tom would like the atmosphere.
Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room - Fresh Hops!

Jackons' Corner - within reach of the self-service cooler
Today, we earned the right to be couch potatoes, cook up a bunch of food, and watch football.  Go Packers!  Go Saints!  Seattle?  Kind of a boring game due to the low scoring.  
We're knocking off the list of breweries in town and hit up Cascades Lake Brewing Company tonight to finish the Saints game and watch a little baseball.  Up next?  A tour of Deschutes Brewery, a pretzel at Deschutes Brewery Public House,a Captain Jack Sparrow at Brother Jon's, and a stop in at other breweries along the way.  Wish us luck!

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