Friday, October 28, 2011

Grapes Galore

This year, the grapevine was quite ambitious and produced about 18 gallons of grapes.  I said I wasn't going to do anything with them this year since my grape pie didn't turn out last year.  Emil picked them on Wednesday before the first frost hit. And now here I am surrounded by buckets of grapes.

So, I whipped up three grape pies (thanks to Carrie for providing the recipe).  They sit in the freezer ready to be baked next summer for you!  I've made 9 jars of jelly, and I still haven't emptied a bucket of grapes.  Time to offer the grapes to everyone I know.  This evening, I did a grape drop and run at Angie's house.  Tomorrow, I'll send grapes with some friends making their way to the Valley.  And, I have a jelly date with a friend from my knitting group.

In between burning myself with hot grape juice...the stuff is like napalm, I've been cleaning the house for the next round of company.  Hope the weather stays nice as we want to hike and be outside.  I'll post pics later of my grape jelly stockpile.  You may receive a six pack of jelly as a hostess gift if you invite us over for dinner.

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