Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Terrific Turkey Meatballs

I love cooking and baking.  You all know that.  It makes being on WW a little more challenging.  Last night, I made turkey meatballs and served them with marinara (jarred Classico) and lowfat mozzarella cheese on a lightly toasted Crustini roll.  Side note:  These rolls are SO GOOD.  Came upon them last week at Fred Meyer, and now they are on sale.  Woo Hoo!  They are super soft and perfect for all kinds of sammies.

Since I punt with most recipes, I'll give you the barebones, so you can adjust to your taste.

1 pack ground turkey (85/15 for a moist meatball)
2/3 c. seasoned bread crumbs
2 eggs or 1 egg and 1 egg white
Healthy splash of Worcestershire sauce
Healthy splash of milk
Couple of minced garlic cloves
Generous palm-full of parmesan cheese

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Mixture will be super moist.  Roll into meatballs - size of a golf ball and toss into a skillet over medium heat, coated with olive oil.  Brown them on both sides (all sides if you are adventurous).  Place on a cookie sheet, lined with greased aluminum foil (easy clean up), and then bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees.  While they are baking, smear a bit of butter on the Crustini rolls, and toast them on a flat skillet until golden brown.

Let everyone build their own sammy...I sliced the meatballs in half and did mine open faced, topped with marinara and cheese.

Here's a picture of Emil's sammy with a super ripe peach for his side item:

Off to do a bike ride.  I've been biking 10-11 miles a day, so I can still eat my daily serving of popcorn every day!

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