Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Startling and Funny Statistics

I thought it would be interesting to compile some statistics from our summer of camping across the U.S. and back.  It was an amazing once in a lifetime experience to have the time and resources to do a huge roadtrip.  It also strengthened our relationship...pay attention to each other without daily work stress, listen to one another, and learn more about each other.  For example, I didn't know about the Erie Canal *gasp*.  This absolutely floored him, until I told him I napped through U.S. History in high school.  Ohhhh..

Many thanks to family and friends who put us up anywhere from two nights up to 18 nights (yikes).  Your warm hospitality and generosity is appreciated.

Miles driven: 10,603 Did you know it's only 3,000 miles to the East Coast?  It's not that we got lost a lot.  We had a GPS.  It resulted from whimsical exploring of the Olympic Peninsula, daily ice cream runs in Loveland, Ohio, driving out of the way to find a campground, and several unplanned trips.

States traveled thru: 22 and 12 state capitals

Miles biked: 112 for me, probably 150 for Emil

Oil changes:  2.  It's time to do another one now.

Rivers fished:  5 (Sol Duc, Bogachiel, Rock Creek, Clear Creek, Calawah)

Canned tuna consumed:  16

Bags of cherries consumed:  9

Jars of peanut butter consumed: 4

Places we want to retire:  Anacortes, Lopez Island, San Juan Island, Moab, Newport, RI (Sara)
Estes Park (Emil)

Sara's faves of the summer:  Bike camping in the San Juan Islands and mountain biking in Moab

Emil's faves of the summer:  Biking in Rhode Island, seeing friends and family

Number of Cabelas we drove by and did not stop: 6

Number of Cabelas we stopped at: 5

Nights we tent camped :  35 (includes 3 nights in a rustic fishing cabin)

Nights we stayed with friends and family:  30

Nights we wimped out and cashed in a hotel chit:  2  (one for extreme heat, one for no place to camp along the ski corridor on I-70 in Colorado)

Hope you got a chuckle out of these numbers!  If you are planning a roadtrip or want to know "must see" things in certain states, let us know.  We can tell you all about it, give you a map, and a brochure!

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