Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome Back to Redmond

Yep, we're back to house-sitting at the beautiful home in Redmond for another 10 months.  Temps are in the high 90's, wildfires filled with sky with smoke, and the chicks are all grown up!  We've named one of the chicks Palmetto (Palmie for short), since she looks like she has no neck and is shaped like the state, South Carolina (Hollar back to my roots).  When she runs, her head doesn't bob at all...she's like a chicken torpedo running away from you.  They are a little skittish and very fun to watch.  We'll try and snap a pic of her to post.

Wildlife sighted since we arrived on Friday afternoon: 
- 2 mule deer
- 4 quail with 4 little ones
- Doves
- Horses in our pasture - the neighbor is using the area
- Lots of little birds feeding out the window

Next up on the agenda:  job hunting, unpacking, getting back on Weight Watchers, mountain biking, fishing, and obtaining an Oregon drivers license.  Oh yeah...ukulele practice every night!

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