Sunday, July 17, 2011

KOA - the Hilton of campgrounds

Near Mt. Rushmore is the fanciest KOA I've ever seen.  It should be...$46 for a tent site!  Goodness Gracious!  The check-in  building is two stories high, complete with a concierge desk and a huge gift shop.  Entry into the campground involves passing by two KOA employees and an automatic gate.  Out in the parking lot, there's a row of shops which sell fudge, wine, souvenirs, and food.  Pretty swanky! 

Fudge, wine, coffee and more at KOA Mt. Rushmore

Side view of Mt. Rushmore

We didn't stay here...too expensive for our taste.  Ended up at Horsethief Campground just down the road for $23.  No showers, no stores, no fudge.  *Sniff Sniff*

Here are the promised pictures from Little Bighorn Battlefield:

Site of Custer's Last Stand

Markers for fallen soldiers.  Indian bodies were taken away after the battle, so no accounts of how many perished.

Iowa is flooded in several places.  It's amazing the highway was still open in some places.

Now, we are having a grand ol' time in Ohio with my brother and family.  We've done some fun projects around the farm, eaten some delicious food, and fished in their pond for blue gill, carp, and bass.

Emil's first bass on a flyrod

Baby coon in the tree

My bluegill and Aaron

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