Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spokane and More

We rode the gondola in Spokane over the falls.  It was a fun ride!  We both really enjoyed our time in Spokane...could easily live there.  Very friendly folks and a small town feel with all the amenities.

After two days in Spokane, we quickly moved on.  Our second night in Montana, we camped at the Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park and took the tour.  Quite interesting!  The caves were a lovely 50 degrees, which was a nice respite from the hot sun and camping on the grasslands.  We saw bats, stalagmites, stalagtites, and had a corny tour guide.

View from hiking one mile up before entering the caverns

Inside the caverns
The campground was nice and big, but no hot water for showers.  Took us two times to learn this fact and lost $4 in the interim.  Finally used the sink outside to wash my hair.

I am really looking forward to an untimed shower that doesn't cost $2.  Three minutes in a shower goes by so quickly!

We camped the next night at Yellowstone River Campground, outside Billings, Montana.  It was the most expensive campground yet...$30, but clean untimed showers.  Our site was overlooking a flooded river usually 15,000 cubic feet per second.  It was running at 51,000.  Yikes!  Saw tons of deer, bunnies and pheasants by the river.  The campground was located next to the very first KOA Campground.  We did a quick tour there, and it had a restaurant, two pools, hot tub, huge gift shop, mini golf and more.  All for $36 a night.

Along the route, we stopped at Little Bighorn Battlefield.  I was hesitant at first since I'm not too keen on history, but it was really good.  Ken, the park ranger, gave a fantastic talk about General Custer and the battle.  It is one of the most studied battles in history, and there are 5,000 books written about it.  I'll post some pics later.  Definitely could have spent the morning there, but we were anxious to move on.

Next on the list:  Mt. Rushmore.  We arrived around dinnertime to Custer, South Dakota.  Knowing Mt. Rushmore was only 30 minutes away, we drove up to check it out.  Saw three mountain goats and kids on the backside of Mt. Rushmore.

For those of you who haven't been to Mt. Rushmore, it's impressive, but not very high off the ground.  I pictured something really high that we could see as we drove up.  Anyway....

I have more to tell you about Mt. Rushmore...actually the KOA there, but I have to download a picture to go along with the story.  Will wait till the next post.  Growing up, we camped mostly at KOAs.  Well, this KOA ain't your Daddy's KOA.

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