Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I am known for overdoing it when it comes to trying out a new hobby, hiking, or other random things.  My backside is a little sore from yesterday's five mile road ride.  Today, we started out the morning riding the Dry Canyon (7.7 miles) in Redmond.  Lovely weather, saw a rockchuck and several cats in the fields.

Headed into Bend for a snack...tried out Kebaba restaurant.  Very good!

Vegetarian Mezze
After our snack,we headed to Phil's trail area for some mountain biking.  Emil took it easy on me since I've never mountain biked before, and we only did two miles on Bend's trail.  It was a great time going downhill....

Tonight, I'll sleep well, as it's a super busy week ahead! 

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