Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Plans

What are your summer plans?  When are you coming back to Alaska?  Have you found a permanent job yet?  Lately, these are the most popular questions asked via email, in person, on Facebook and over text.  Course, we've been kicking around some ideas, and I want to share them with you.

1.  Bike ride to Ohio and write a book about it, called The O to O Ride.  This is probably off the table since I don't have a road bike.  And, there may be big hills on the way to Ohio. 

2.  Bike ride to Colorado.  There's a wedding in August we would like to attend.  I know there are really big hills there since I used to live in good ol' Georgetown, up on I-70 on the way to Summit County.

3.  Load the vans with float tubes, mountain bikes, flyrods, and a tent.  Travel the, bike and visit my family.

4.  Apply for jobs here and fish as often as possible.  Also, master going uphill on my mountain bike.  On Sunday, I practiced at the Dry Canyon as Emil coached me.  Fell off four times, but still kept trying.  I will master hills.  I will master hills.  I will practice on our driveway.  NO WALKING!

Anyone have other ideas?  Something more wild than the ones I listed above?  We do not plan to return to Alaska, other than to pick up our stuff eventually.  Sorry, Erica. :)  I sure appreciate you asking me several times...makes me feel super missed!

Guess we do have to make up our minds soon, as plans need to be made.  Will keep you all posted!

P.S.  Spring is almost here.  I've cut the grass once already.  Woo HOO!

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