Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Top Five Highlights From This Week

1.  Picked up my new blue bike named "Bonita."   I'll save up for some cute bike shorts and hit the trails soon.
2.  Had dinner at a darling restaurant, Jackson's Corner.  It's been on my list to try since Christmas.
3.  Streamed episode one of Top Chef Masters.  Ruth Reichl is one of the judges.  I ADORE her.  I've read most of her books.  She is fantastic, and I miss reading her Editor Notes in Gourmet magazine.
4.  Emil suddenly has lots of free time on his hands.  That means he will finish editing my book, so I can send it on to my two willing and awesome beta readers.
5.  I can now find Costco and Old Navy without a GPS.

P.S.  Rockchucks are everywhere right now!  I also saw a peacock on the side of the road this morning on the way to the gym.  Gorgeous colors!

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