Monday, August 25, 2014

Catching Up Part 1

The summer has flown by! Fastest summer ever, I swear. The last thing I remember was finishing up work at Mt. Bachelor at the end of May. I have no idea what I did in June. Now, it's almost Labor Day.

I'll post a few pics from the highlights of the last few months. They are totally random and probably out of order, so please bear with me.

Josh aka Jack, in my book came to Bend for a wedding in May. I agonized on where to take him for lunch. He likes beer and good food, plus a hip atmosphere. Finally, I decided on Crux. A little chilly to sit outside, but we managed.

The horse races in Prineville are so much fun! Betting is only $2, and there are twelve races each night. Last year, I walked away with over $125. This year, I lost about $45. Oh well! It was fun, plus I needed a reason to buy a big bag of kettle corn.

My friend, Kathleen, and I went blueberry picking in Leaburg, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Bend. The bushes were huge and plentiful. We wanted to get our money's worth, so we picked for four hours. Kathleen picked fifteen pounds, and I left with thirteen pounds. Blueberry baking galore! Looking forward to a blueberry pie this winter!

Kathleen strapping on the bucket.

Heavy bucket around my neck!

Her booty of blueberries!
I'll post another update tomorrow. Lots of fun pics to share with you all. Thanks for your patience during my summer break!

I've also updated my website with a few blog posts. Check it out!

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