Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin'

You know I love pumpkins!  I look forward to hitting up the pumpkin patch every year in Terrebonne.  The patch sells all kind of pumpkins, squash, kettle corn (YUM!), and more.  They have a petting farm, corn maize, and a cannon that shoots acorn squash.  Emil took some pics of our recent visit.

Pumpkin for our kitchen

Pumpkin for our den
Fun colors of pumpkins

Picking out a small pumpkin for our kitchen table

Pumpkin cannon

Target:  VW bus


Hunting for a pumpkin.  A perfect pumpkin!
I baked off some pumpkin chocolate chip bread yesterday.  Tried to make it healthy with whole wheat pastry flour, but the baked texture is a bit gummy.  Edible though.

My tendonitis isn't healing at all.  Probably because I keep using my arm in every day tasks.  So, I think Emil will make me a sling to help in the healing.  Hope it does the trick!  Luckily, I can still play the uke.

Well, gotta go practice reading my literary contest entry!  The event is Friday night.  Wish me luck!

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