Sunday, October 20, 2013

Literary Harvest

To claim my literary win, I read my entry out loud in front of 40 folks in Redmond at the Central Oregon Writers Guild Literary Harvest on Friday evening.  Each day last week, I read it out loud for Yam, and I became teary-eyed each time.  My goal was not to cry during the reading.  I wasn't nervous until five minutes before it was time to read.  When I arrived to the podium, I was sure my heart would pound out of my chest and scamper down the aisle without me.

I survived.  No tears from me, a few from the audience members, and now I'll be published in their chapbook.  Note to family members: Don't be surprised if you receive a chapbook as a Christmas gift.

Emil took a few pics of the event, and we celebrated at Sonic with tater tots after the event!

A certificate noting the win.

11 winners - poetry, non-fiction, memoir, and fiction entries.

No crying, no cookies tossed.  Phew.
So, what's going on my with my book?  Final edits.  Just need some time to do them, work with CreateSpace, Amazon's self-publishing service, and upload my book cover.  Finish and put to bed by Christmas.  Merry Christmas to me!

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