Saturday, June 01, 2013

Archery Fun

Our friend, Steve, invited us to an archery event in Sisters, near the Metolius River.  Fun, friendly people, picked up a traditional 45 pound draw weight for Emil.  My favorite event is a tie between the flying geese and owl suspended into the air or the milk jug competition.  Lots of pics to share, so sit back.

Stave Master - updated version of a traditional shave horse for shaping thin pieces of wood.

Two milk jugs full of water.  Shoot at your jug to let the water out.

I love his kilt!

Steve - what a super guy!

Nice workbench the bowyers used.

Bows made from Osage Orange.

To test your bow.

Flying geese and owl to try and hit.

Steve's homemade stand set up by his camper.

Target range.

Steve and Emil at the target range.

Kiddo event.  Shoot a balloon.  Win a prize.

Each match up used the same number of arrows.

She won!  His jug hit the ground first.
Emil will pick up some arrows and join the archery club.  I'll be his cheerleader.  Maybe I can knit him a quiver.  Ha!  What a fun, relaxing day!  We made it to Sisters Bakery just under the wire to pick up a snack.  Did I mention it was sunny and 73 degrees with a light wind?  Another typical, gorgeous Central Oregon day!

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