Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yam and the Soccer Ball

This comic, sent by a friend, pretty much sums up every night since we adopted Yam, the adorable cat.  If you've seen us the last two months, we probably look a little bleary-eyed, and we comment about Yam and his soccer balls.

Here's the scenario:

As soon as I climb into bed each evening, Yam brings in a yarn soccer ball and bats it around (read "slams it around") the dresser, closet doors, chair, bedside table, bed edge, blanket, door, anything in the bedroom.  Emil kindly ushers him out and closes the door.  Then, Yam lays about looking quite innocent and sleepy.  Wrong!  About three hours later, he comes in with a soccer ball in his mouth, climbs into bed, and starts touching our faces with his paw.  "Play fetch with me. Wake Up."  Emil kindly ushers him out again and closes the door.  Then, Yam fetches all the soccer balls, sits outside the bedroom door and meows. "Play fetch with me. Wake Up."

Repeat every hour or so.

But every once in awhile, he's good and sleeps with us all night.  Sometimes he tries to lay on my head, though.

We've tried to keep him awake all day.  No napping!  Have you ever tried to keep a cat awake?  First, it's a full-time job.  Second, a cat falls asleep in a second, anywhere, any time.  We've also tried to play with him A LOT!  Tease him with the feather on a stick, play fetch over and over and over, or chase him around the house, trying to clip his nails.  Again, it's a full-time job.

Folks say to adopt another cat, so he has a friend to play with all the time.  I can just picture two cats with soccer balls, practicing for the Feline World Cup in our bedroom every night.  No thanks!

Well, I better go wake up the cat again.  He's drifted off to sleep in his food bowl.

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  1. I feel your pain. We live with the constant yowling 24/7 of an 18 year old 99% deaf cat with dementia who loves to lick the shower floor so much that she sits outside the bathroom door howling until you open it for her. Then she forgets where you are, so she howls again till you get within her line of sight so she can have company, because she can't hear when you yell. It is utterly exhausting. So, yeah, we poke her a lot when she's napping so she can feel our pain.